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It has always been uncomfortable for unbelievers in Latin America to learn that the Church has a message from Scriptures on Sanctification; and this is a difficult issue for our contemporary Christianised society. The result of which is the present attack of unconverted “Christians” against the teaching of Christ on the vital sanctification of His bride (the Church); the greatest manifestation of these attacks being the invasion of worldliness and sin into the very worship of God in many places of worship nowadays.


As for converted Christians, the faithful servants of Christ yearn for true holiness. The word of the Lord is clear when speaking about the Holiness of God: this is the only attribute of God repeated three times in the Bible. As a characteristic of the Hebrew language, the method of repetition is used when emphasizing a word or expression. In the Bible we do not find that God is Love, Love, Love or that God is Good, Good, Good. However, we observe this repetition in the expression: "GOD IS HOLY, HOLY, HOLY!"

To desire to be holy, as God is, means to strive to live a holy life. For true holiness one must seek the knowledge of God in His holy Word, in order to learn how to live a life that reflects our Saviour´s. To live a holy life is to always seek to keep communion with the Lord in prayer, as only Him can sustain the faithful in the midst of a world full of traps and temptations. It is also to love our neighbour as God loved us and commanded that His word should be preached to the whole world; the message of the blood of Jesus, which was shed on the Cross.


The Passion for Purity Conference aims at encouraging today´s Christians in their effort for holiness. Holiness within, and a holy walk before the Lord. For pure eyes in the midst of a perverted society, a pure walk among unbelievers and believers alike. To seek this life of holiness, the only source possible in this sin sinking world, is the holy Word of God! Only in this way can believers find guidance and grace for to live a life that is pleasing before a Holy God.


“Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word."

King James Version (Psalm 119:9)


Come and join us, and be challenged!

We are a people who love God and adore Him through the careful observance of the principles He has taught us in Scripture. We strive to serve Him in a righteous, holy and blameless manner. For this we consider indispensable a life of prayer and the searching of God´s will through the careful study of Scripture and biblical expository preaching, to provide the solid spiritual food, necessary for belivers to develop Christian maturity and grow in intimate relationship with God.

The Passion for Purity Conference was created with the purpose of calling people to serve God in a holy manner. It is a call to purity and to worship God with understanding in the light of the revealed will of God through the expository preaching of the Word. There is a pressing need for the postmodern evangelical church to turn back to the faithful preaching of the Word of God and experience a godly Christian life. As Hebrews 12:14  declares: "Follow […] holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.”

We are young christians from various churches, who understood the urgent need of returning back the old paths, prioritizing the expository Preaching of the Word in a pure and simple way, as Christ and the Primitive Church taught us.